A Custom EQII PVP #throwback Server

We’re totally not kidding. EQII’s lost PVP potential has finally be realized with this custom server designed by PVP players for PVP players.
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It’s totally FREE

Stitch is free and run as a non-profit project by devoted fans of the EQII PVP experience. Stitch is not affiliated with EQII and as such we do not profit from their work.

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The Project Goals

We all reminisce of the glory of the old PVP days, which in reality were never that great. Stitch aims to bring a new light to EQII PVP and give the PVP vets the game they always deserved. It will start out slow but we hope with the support of the community we can make something that is fun, balanced and truly competitive.

Stitch developers will be listening to and working closely with the community of players to make sure the game reflects the needs and desires of the PVP’er.

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About Our Team

Stitch is based off of the hard work from the guys at EQ2Emulator who have many EQ2 based projects. Check out their website for more information and get involved with other EQ2 projects.

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