Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a hard one to answer. We started the project a year ago under the assumption that it would only take a few months to get things going. Currently there are only two of us working on the server and there is a lot of work to be done. The original state of the eq2emu was pretty bad; no spells and almost every function seemed to be broken or bugged. We have come a long way since then….

Combat testing has begun, end-game pvp/contested loot is finished and many of the classes have all their abilities.

It takes many hours of our free time each week to edit code, tables and numbers to try and get things right. We would love some help with this so if you feel you are up to the task, please get in contact with us via discord.

Providing we find no major bugs and both of us find enough free time outside of our jobs/personal lives the server could be ready for beta testing in a month or two.

Follow our Facebook page, join Discord chat and most importantly subscribe to our email Newsletter. We will send out invitations there once things are ready for testing.
We are initially capping at 25.

Nektulos & Thundering Steppes will be locked. Transportation between Antonica and Commonlands will be via the spire every 5 minutes. Heroic content from 20-25 has been increased in various zones to accommodate.

Classes will be given special abilities at 25 to compensate for the lack of AA’s and to give each class it’s own unique style. For a list of these abilities please see here. (Note: some of these are still being adjusted)


Bezerker, Guardian, Shadowknight, Paladin, Brigand, Swashbuckler, Ranger, Assassin, Warden, Fury, Defiler, Mystic, Wizard, Warlock, Necromancer, Conjuror

Locked for future expansions:

Troubadour, Dirge, Illusionist, Coercer, Monk, Bruiser, Inquisitor, Templar

We have developed this server with PVP as the main focus. When we started combat tested we tested at level 25 with BIS (best in slot) gear and Master spells in PVP combat BEFORE PVE. Once we have found the right numbers for PVP we will then balance PVE to match.

There will be a few powerful and hard to get pieces of PVP gear initially and we will release more and upgrades to those pieces in later updates. PVP gear is bought with tokens collected from daily writs. Daily writs are mostly ‘zone specific’ meaning that each day either Commonlands or Antonica will be the designated PVP zone. This is to help funnel a (possibly) small player base into smaller areas.

Fame will be reintroduced with titles that get harder to gain as you progress. Fame gains/loss will also occur within TWO ranks of your title (not one) which we hope will lead to more risk/reward.

We have many other exciting plans for PVP and are looking at other options, please contact us if you think you have a good idea.

Yes. We have some old and some new contested in each zone. Each encounter will be very challenging and fights are designed to have vantage points for the opposing faction seeking to spoil a kill. Later on we will release more raid content provided it is popular enough. Raid mobs have been given loot appropriate to their difficulty level that are designed to be used along side PVP gear.

Unlike PVP gear, Contested loot will remain a secret until the mobs are killed. (sorry!)

Yes and no.

There will be lots of solo content should you choose to take that route or play in another time zone from your friends BUT experience gains will be better for those in groups taking on the heroic content (which is going to be hard). Each zone is designed to have leveling areas and then open areas with solo content.

Keep in mind, things will be hard, so bring friends!

For PVP each class has been balanced with other classes so that every class is just as effective in certain situations. This doesn’t mean you can solo effectively as a defiler/warden, but it also doesn’t mean you will be an easy kill. Some classes like Paladins and Bezerkers are receiving new abilities to compliment their play style.